A Tragic Love

Once the mighty sun fell in love, 

It was the silvery moon. 

He loved her so much above, 

But she was not immune. 

He was hot and she, cold. 

They weren’t made for. 

Yet, his passion never got old. 

Every light it grew more. 

And he loved her so, 

He died every night. 

Just for her, to see this world

And take a breath of life.

This poem is Attually a quote that made me fell in love with the lines. I couldn’t help but alter it a bit and post it. Hope its good. 

Smiles & bye’s 


One day, I will die

No tears nor cry.. 

Look up at the starry skies, 

Where the silver orb lies. 

The dark illuminated by the tiny dots, 

Where our precious  memories hide. 

Look up at that velvety sky, 

 With a lingering smile, 

Just say a ‘good bye’… 


Missing someone dearest to me..  May you rest in peace, dad.. 

“A Cold Night”


Stars in the dark, 

Littered the sky. 

Like a shinny arc, 

The moon stood by. 

Soothing wind blew 

Like a lulling song 

Of a moon-lit dew

Lasting long… 

The glittering skies 

I stood under

With bewildered eyes 

I still wonder… 

Twinkling little tiny dot, 

You aren’t one but alot. 

Litting the darkened world, 

With your light spreading gold

But why is it still cold?… 


Im not one of the best poet but I love writing poem and enjoy. It makes me calm and gives a soothing aura to me.